About ACMA Compare Benchmarking

Compare was developed by the American Case Management Association (ACMA) in response to its members. Case management leaders had been tracking metrics that reflect efficiency - such as avoidable delays - for some time. They discovered, however, significant barriers when attempting to use this information, and began to request from their national association benchmarks for avoidable delays.

ACMA responded by developing a task force, then a first beta test group, followed by a second. Compare first opened for national subscription in 2008, and benchmarking for readmissions was added in 2010. Today, over 160 hospitals around the United States utilize this service.

ACMA continues to invest in the development of this service, launching new iterations of tools and reports. In 2015, ACMA has developed an interventions tool for readmissions (which identify suggested interventions for various readmissions), launched monthly avoidable delay reporting, and is working on new interfaces with various electronic health records.

Compare Benchmarking continues to be owned and managed by ACMA, and aligned to serve the practice of hospital / health system case management and transitions of care professionals.

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